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ELI Wins the Excellence and Creativity in e-learning Award


ELI has received the KAU President Excellence and Creativity in e-Learning Award.  The KAU President, Prof. Abdulrahman Al-Youbi, handed the award to the ELI Dean, Dr. Abdullah Al-Bargi, during a ceremony held at King Fahad Center for Medical Research on Tuesday, April 16, 2019.


This award is presented annually in three categories:  the Digital Courses Category, awarded to faculty members for the best digital course; the Academic Department Category, awarded to academic departments for excellence in applying e-learning practices; and the Colleges Category,  awarded to colleges and institutes for excellence in activating e-learning tools via the e-Learning Management System (LMS) “Blackboard”.


The Award criteria include the quality of digital course design such as: availability of course description and its alignment with the its particular program, ease of navigation using the course menu, and clear grade distribution. The Award Jury also takes into account the following indicators: Number of e-courses activated in the system, number of faculty members who attended the training courses provided by the Deanship of e-learning and Distance Education, the number of question banks for e-courses offered by the academic departments and  colleges via Questionmark or Blackboard LMSs, and the dissemination of e-learning culture among college faculty members and students.


This year, ELI has adopted the use of e-learning through Blackboard in its Preparatory Year English Language Program courses in order to improve the quality of the program's educational outputs.


According to current research, e-learning applications are highly beneficial in foreign language learning and teaching since they create a platform for students and teachers to interact in a context with no boundaries of time and distance. The main advantage of e-learning is that it increases the engagement, attendance, and motivation of students which are requisites for learning. Moreover, they provide teachers and students with creative and practical ideas that help them achieve student learning outcomes.


ELI has made hugely significant progress in recent years on many fronts and would like to thank the KAU President for his unwavering support.


ELI truly thanks His Excellency for honoring this ceremony with his presence and for his exemplary leadership and example to us all here at KAU.

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