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ELI Continues to Lead in Professional Development

In support of ELI’s extensive set of digital language learning tools, and its expansive and recently enhanced academic English programs, the Professional Development Unit, with the support of the Vice-Dean for Development, kicked off its year 2019 Professional Development Workshop Series at the King Faisal Conference Center with a workshop on 'Effective and Dynamic Use of Mobile Apps in the Language Classroom'. Experienced faculty gathered to consider the importance of digital media in language education and the methods for applying global best-practices in KAU classrooms.

The workshop series is a part of the larger professional development program at ELI that seeks to further support the broader areas of teaching and learning in the 21st Century. The next round of courses, coming later this month, will present faculty with a spectrum of key topics ranging from Developing Critical Thinking in the Language Classroom to Academic Writing for University Students. This is part of the on-going and much more extensive program of leading professional development and training opportunities offered by ELI to its faculty and the kingdom-wide teaching community every year.

Peter Lucantoni, Educational Services Manager for Cambridge University Press (CUP), highlighted the importance and significance of the work  ELI is doing in the area of language teacher education, commenting that “the impact is real and long-term, and the benefits are seen in student achievement and faculty professional engagement and development.” ELI has had a long-term educational partnership with Cambridge University through CUP. As a part of this partnership it has co-developed a wide range of solutions from workshops to complete certificate-level courses for teachers. It is a unique relationship globally and has seen the production of innovative best in-class solutions now being adopted in other parts of the world.

The impact of the ELI’s training and development program was echoed by Dr. Khalid Al-Harthy, the ELI Vice-Dean for Development, who mentioned that these courses, along with all the programs and initiatives for professional development and training at ELI, emphasize the considerable role the University is playing in providing its faculty and the wider community with access to the world’s best in-class opportunities for professional growth. He was quick to point out that  ELI’s role as regional leader in language teacher education, is made possible with the unwavering and significant support of Dr. Abdullah al-Bargi, the ELI Dean, and his management teams.

As a part of its upcoming work in this area, ELI is organizing the first international Saudi ELT Conference, ELT Saudi 2020, this coming January. The event is one of the largest of its kind globally and will bring together one of the most experienced, influential and well-respected groups of ELT speakers ever assembled, to consider the role of English language learning in effectively supporting Saudi Vision 2030. This three-day event begins January 28th and more information can be found at: http://eltsaudi.org

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