English Language Institute

Annual Staff Meeting

The ELI Dean and Vice-Deans held the annual meeting with ELI Faculty at King Faisal Convention Center earlier this week to explore new ways of thinking to take the Institute to new heights.

At the start of the meeting, the Dean, Dr. Abdullah Al-Bargi, welcomed faculty members and thanked them for their hard work and dedication in delivering the ELI Preparatory Year English Language Program (ELI PYELP), the success of which is clearly evidenced by the students' outstanding performance in the first quarter standardized tests of the current academic year 2019/2020. Dr. Al-Bargi stated, "The students’ outstanding results primarily reflect their instructors’ excellence along with the developed curricula and assessment tools aligned with the targeted ELI PYELP student learning outcomes."

The Dean urged faculty members to do their utmost to provide the best teaching service for their students through their classes, office hours, and electronic platforms. “As our program is accredited by the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation for the next ten years, the ELI’s administrative and academic operations are always going to be in compliance with the best practices, defining the way forward for us all,” he added, appreciating the unwavering support the ELI receives from KAU President Prof. Abdulrahman Al-Youbi.

He pointed out that a set of distinguished faculty professional development programs have been launched for this academic year 2019/2020 that will refine faculty teaching skills, which in turn will facilitate student language proficiency and mastery of learning outcomes.

The Dean then invited faculty to share their suggestions, insights and aspirations for achieving the ELI Vision of becoming the regional leader in English language teaching.

Faculty have shown great interest in the development of the ELI educational process through their participation in the implementation of the Institute’s strategic plan 2018-2020, which includes 23 strategic initiatives.

The main points of discussion focused on the next stages of development work with the participation of faculty, including:

  • Developing the ELI MA TESOL Program in compliance with the NCAAA standards
  • Developing special curricula and classes for Special Needs students
  • Intensifying supportive and follow-up lessons for under-performing students
  • Launching interactive office hours via the Blackboard platform
  • Launching additional support lessons via the Blackboard platform
  • Intensifying extracurricular activities for developing students' language skills
  • In his closing remarks, the Dean again thanked the faculty members for their efforts and ideas for advancing and enhancing ELI’s capability to achieve academic excellence.

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