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The ELI is an extremely large institute whose faculty at the time of writing, total 517 ELT professionals. There are those with decades of experience and post-graduate degrees and those beginning their careers more recently qualified.

The number and broad professional range of our faculty demands an innovative Professional Development Unit (PDU) with the resources to provide for hundreds as well as the attentiveness and sensitivity for provision to the individual.

King Abdulaziz University is the highest ranking in the Kingdom according to Times Higher Education, and our PD event guest list is suitably illustrious: Scott Thornbury, Dr Harry Kuchah (President of IATEFL) Peter Lucantoni, Nicky Hockly, Claire Ross, Jeremy Harmer, Dr Peter Watkins, Dr Maha Al-Shahrani (Advisor to the Deputy Minister of Public Education) Jason Anderson, Mark Hancock and Sir David Crystal are some of those we've been fortunate enough to welcome at the frequent occasions organized.

The opportunity to collaborate in workshops and webinars with ELT dignitaries and even present alongside industry celebrities stands out from a top-down perspective of the PDU. However, a great deal of the unit's most important work is carried out from the bottom up. At grass roots level, we respond through needs analysis to the requisite training of not only our language instructors but also that of our brother-and-sister units. We have collaborated, for example, with the Curriculum and Testing Unit to create, prepare and deliver live training on standardization of rubric application in assessment.

We support individual faculty members by listening actively to their needs and tailoring a personal response. Possibly by collaborating on a presentation or workshop, perhaps brainstorming activities or maybe help identifying stage aims and timings. Sometimes proofreading is all we’re called upon for. We are here to support faculty and will do so in any way that is required.

Our remaining duties include the instigation of a growing multi-media resource bank, which we maintain as we do our educational partnerships with bodies such as Cambridge University Publishing & Assessment, and close, collaborative relationships with important ELT associations, such as Saudi TESOL.

ELI faculty can find current PD opportunities on our Blackboard course.

Recordings of past presentations, workshops and webinars are available on the Professional Workshops page.

Professional Workshops

Professional Workshops
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