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ELI Leads in Assessment Training and Practices

The English Language Institute (ELI) at King Abdulaziz University (KAU) delivered an on-campus intensive assessment training course earlier this month for its test designers, developers and item writers. The assessment training was an integral component of ELI's continued expansion and development of its well-established language teaching and teacher training programs. It marked the commencement of a planned series of collaboratively developed training programs in partnership with the UK-based internationally renowned Norwich Institute for Language Education (NILE).

This in-depth assessment development and item-writing course was delivered by Mr. Thom Kiddle, the Director of NILE, a leading expert and eminent researcher in the field of language testing and test authoring. This intensive, externally certified course introduced the latest in assessment research and presented the current best practice standards according to some of the world’s most thorough accreditation schemes.

Dr. Abdullah Al-Bargi, ELI Dean and researcher in the field of applied linguistics and language teaching, addressed the participants during the course and emphasized the ELI’s commitment to excellence in language teaching and the importance it places on the creation of the most effective and valid assessment instruments for the University and its students.Dean Al-Bargi said that Prof. Abdulrahman Al-Youbi, KAU President, has always been providing all the support needed for developing the ELI to be on equal footing with the leading English language programs in top-notch universities around the world.

The Dean stated, “As a regional leader in language teaching and professional development, it is imperative that the ELI continues to offer outstanding professional development opportunities to its staff to enhance their professional expertise and ability to better enable them to provide its students with the highest quality educational experience they deserve.” Dr. Al-Bargi also pointed out the need for all faculty members to continue to enhance their expertise and skills, especially in the area of assessment, and indicated that this course, and others in the same field to be offered by the ELI, are designed to provide crucial support for their efforts in this regard.

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Last Update 5/6/2021 8:37:07 PM