Message from the Dean
Message from the Dean kau eli

Message from the Dean

Dear Faculty,

Welcome to the English Language Institute (ELI)!

ELI is part of the wider King Abdulaziz University (KAU) learning community, playing a vital role in equipping students with the level of English proficiency necessary for them to fully participate in, and benefit from, their undergraduate studies in various KAU colleges. The English language proficiency achieved by ELI students will also undoubtedly help prepare them for their lives and careers, following graduation from the University.

Full support is extended to all faculty members, both inside and outside the classroom, and I have high expectations and confidence that your contributions to our program will be of great benefit in aiding us to optimize the ELI’s efforts toward the achievement of its goals.

ELI is dedicated to achieving demonstrable 'excellence' in the quality of the English language instruction delivered to our students. All faculty members are expected to be dedicated and active participants in the ELI team, and to demonstrate wholehearted commitment towards the achievement of our Mission. ELI courses, materials, assessment, systems, and procedures are constantly being reviewed, modified, and improved, with our students and their educational needs always the main priority. Full participation of all faculty members in this ongoing process is requested and expected. The ELI team works as one, and all faculty members, coordinators, and administrators cooperate fully to ensure teamwork cohesion and optimal operational effectiveness.

The ELI students and their English language proficiency are our prime concern, and I trust that your efforts here will have a positive and profound impact upon these learners and their academic progress.

Thank you for being part of our team.

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