MA TESOL Program
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MA TESOL Program

Overview, Mission and Goals

About the Program

The English Language Institute (ELI) at King Abdulaziz university offers a two-year cutting-edge, challenging and inspiring MA TESOL Program to qualify students to become effective English language instructors equipped with a unique blend of firm theoretical, research foundations and best teaching practice in the field. Since its establishment in 2014, the MA TESOL Program has provided the nation with highly-qualified graduates to teach the English language to learners of different proficiency levels in a wide range of national teaching and learning contexts.


The mission of the MA TESOL program is to prepare students to become competent TESOL professionals by developing their theoretical knowledge, innovative pedagogical practices, and research skills required for various TESOL contexts.


  1. Demonstrate a critical understanding of main theories and concepts underpinning language learning and teaching in the field of TESOL.
  2. Develop competencies that promote autonomy, reflection, responsible citizenship, and commitment to integrity and ethics in academic and professional practices.
  3. Utilize technology, software, and online resources to enhance teaching and research practices.
  4. Design and evaluate curricula, courses, and pedagogical materials for diverse language learners.
  5. Apply various effective language teaching practices and a variety of assessment tools based on current approaches and concepts in the field of TESOL.
Program Goals

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

Knowledge and Understanding

  • K1 Construct a deep understanding of the main theoretical concepts in the field of English language learning and teaching.
  • K2 Demonstrate a firm understanding of the main pedagogical practices in language learning and teaching.


  • S1 Use a range of TESOL methods, techniques, and practices informed by research at different teaching contexts
  • S2 Implement relevant technological tools and resources in learning and research.
  • S3 Design innovative pedagogical materials through implementing different quantitative and qualitative methods appropriately.


  • V1 Display a commitment to integrity, ethical practices, and excellence in research.
  • V2 Develop autonomy in research and professional projects.
  • V3 Develop team-work collaboration with others in research and professional projects.

Why Study the MA TESOL?

  • The Program familiarizes students with a wide range of key knowledge-areas in the field and develops and hones related skill-sets.
  • The Program is designed for both prospective and experienced English language teachers to enable them to apply knowledge and skills gained to the classroom setting in the interest of learning enhancement.
  • The Program is also designed with the needs of public and private employers firmly in mind. The global and local job market has numerous job openings for English language teachers and the MA TESOL has come to play a crucial role in matching quality graduates with labor market requirements for effective English language teachers.

Career Prospects

This qualification will enhance graduates' career prospects and be considered a real plus by prospective employers. Program graduates will have proven expertise in the field and be able to confidently consider applying to institutions, universities, colleges, schools, and training companies offering competitive job packages, both nationwide or further afield. The local list of prospective employers includes:

  • The Ministry of Education (schools, colleges, and universities)
  • Professional and technical training organizations
  • All government and private educational sectors with English language professions

Admission Requirements

To qualify for admission to the MA TESOL Program, applicants must:

  • Meet all KAU Graduate Deanship requirements
  • Hold a B.A. in English Language, Linguistics, English Language and Literature, or Translation.
  • Have achieved an IELTS Academic overall band score of 6 and above; or its equivalent on a recognized English proficiency exam.

These are minimum requirements. Other factors are also taken into consideration prior to program admission.

Program Structure

The MA TESOL Program involves two years of full-time coursework, including a thesis. Students are required to take seven compulsory courses and two electives.

Compulsory courses

  • Second Language Acquisition
  • TESOL Methodology
  • Research Methods in TESOL
  • Curriculum Design and Development
  • Special Topics in TESOL
  • Teaching Practicum
  • Testing and Assessment

MA Thesis

Students are required to complete an MA thesis, under the supervision of an academic supervisor, on a TESOL topic agreed with the Vice-Deanship for Graduate Studies.

Our Faculty

All faculty members hold PhD degrees in the field from internationally-recognized universities. The faculty members draw on their extensive research knowledge of theoretical frameworks and English language teaching experience to enable their students to identify, analyze and evaluate contemporary ELT issues.

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