External Education Program
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External Education Program

In addition to the body of internal full-time students and distance education students registered in the KAU Preparatory Year Program, KAU provides opportunities for those who are unable to attend any regular classes, either face-to-face or virtual, for whatever reason. One of the options the University provides such students is the External Education Program.

External students are responsible for their own study outside the university, but they must attend campus or designated testing locations at various nationwide locations, for their final examinations. External students are required to take two English courses as part of the Preparatory Year Program using the same instructional materials and textbooks as are used by internal full-time and Distance Education students.

The ELI External English Language Program includes two General English courses with goals and learning outcomes compatible with the main English language courses offered to the full-time ELI PYELP students. The two courses help students develop their language proficiency to use for everyday life and in real-life situations.

The English Program for the KAU Preparatory Year External Program students includes two General English courses (ELCA 101 and 102). The program curriculum is designed to take students from the CEFR A1 'Beginner' level to the CEFR B1+ 'Intermediate' level.

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