Our Mission, Vision, Goals and Values
Our Vision, Mission, Goals and Values

Our Mission, Vision, Goals and Values


To be the regional reference in teaching and learning English.


The Mission of the English Language Institute (ELI) at King Abdulaziz University (KAU) is to provide excellent English language programs in teaching, learning, academic research, and community service.

Preparatory Year English Language Program (PYELP) Mission

The mission of the Preparatory Year English Language Program of the English Language Institute at King Abdulaziz University is to provide quality intensive instruction of English as a foreign language, delivered by qualified instructors, using a comprehensive communicative curriculum, to the University Preparatory Year students in order to enhance their English language skills and facilitate their college entry.

Policy of Quality

The English Language Institute at King Abdulaziz University, with its academic approach, seeks leadership and excellence in providing distinguished educational services based on the best international practices for teaching English at the university, through the quality of curricula, tests, scientific research, and the competence of faculty members and English language teachers.

In order to achieve the Institute's goals and make them a tangible reality, the Institute seeks to establish global partnerships with leading institutions in its field of specialization and raise the efficiency of its staff by offering continuous development opportunities, adopting their outstanding, applicable suggestions, providing the appropriate work environment and participating in building a work team characterized by effective leadership qualities to ensure the effectiveness of the implementation of the quality management system in accordance with the specifications of 2015: ISO 9001

The Institute is also keen on conducting periodic review of quality objectives, self-monitoring, and administrative follow-up to ensure the continuity of the development of the Institute's quality management system.


ELI strives to achieve its mission through the following goals:

  • Alignment of the ELI administrative and academic processes with international higher education standards.
  • Curriculum development for all academic programs based on learning outcomes.
  • Designing valid and reliable assessment instruments to measure the achievement of learning outcomes for all programs.
  • Enhancing students' skills through effective use of the university electronic platforms.
  • Providing fast and secure access to all student services and related learning resources.
  • Creating a learning environment through extracurricular activities that are enjoyable and attractive to students.
  • Providing professional development opportunities and educational resources for faculty members.
  • Providing continuous training for administrative staff in-line with the current best practices in the field.
  • Recruiting faculty members with high qualifications in teaching and academic research.
  • Conducting and publishing practice-based high-quality research.
  • Serving the community through offering English language courses and specialized consultations.
  • Enhancing educational and academic partnerships with distinguished international and national organizations.


ELI builds its reputation and success around the following core values:

  • Belonging: Instilling the love of work, initiative, and sense of belonging and loyalty to ELI in its faculty, staff, and students.
  • Communication: The pursuit of effective communication between ELI faculty, staff, and students, and also between ELI and its partners.
  • Collaboration: Promoting full cooperation between the various ELI sectors and its faculty and students; and also between ELI and the university sectors, in order to achieve the ELI Mission.
  • Pioneering: Adopting fresh initiatives and innovative ideas in English language education.
  • Sustainability: Maintaining ELI academic and educational excellence and continuing to strive to achieve the ELI Vision.

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