Exemption Policies
Exemption Policies

Exemption Policies

If you have the following IELTS or TOEFL English test scores, you can apply for exemption. Exemption means that you do not have to study English at the ELI.

Important Notes

  • The test score report must be valid (no more than two years old).
  • You can apply for exemption throughout the academic year before the final teaching week of any module or semester.
  • If you have English program grades from before you applied for exemption, they will remain on your KAU student academic record.
  • If your application is accepted, your English language course will be updated to ‘TR’ on ODUS and will not be part of your grade point.

How to Apply for Exemption

  1. Go to the Electronic Requests System (ERS) website, make a new request and attach a copy of your official IELTS or TOEFL score report and your university ID card.
  2. Your documents will be reviewed by the Educational Affairs Office.
  3. Check if your exemption application has been accepted or rejected on ERS.
  4. If your application has been accepted, check your academic record on the ODUS Plus system to ensure that the status of the English language courses has been updated to ‘TR’. Make a request on ERS if it has not been updated two weeks after your application has been accepted.
ELI Course IELTS Overall Minimum Score IELTS Band Minimum Scores TOEFL Overall Minimum Score TOEFL Band Minimum Scores
(ELIA) 4 IELTS Academic or General Training 30
(ELIS) 5 IELTS Academic 42
(ELIG) 4.5 IELTS Academic 32
English Studies (ELIE) 5.5 IELTS Academic 5 in Writing and Speaking 46 18 in Writing and Speaking
(ELIH) 5.5 IELTS Academic Overall score; Exemption applies to level 1 only 46 Overall score; Exemption applies to level 1 only
(ELIC) 4.5 IELTS Academic 32
(ELCA)* 4 IELTS Academic 30
*For ELCA track students,they are exempted from studying English if they obtain A2 level or above on the Cambridge English Placement Test (CEPT) or any other placement test approved by the English Language Institute at KAU.

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