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The English Language Institute (ELI) Student Activities Unit welcomes King Abdulaziz University (KAU) preparatory year students, and invites them to participate in student activities that contribute to providing them with a set of cognitive, cultural, and social skills and abilities. These skills and abilities qualify them for success and excellence, and enable them to improve their intellectual and life skills through effective utilization of a range of ELI and KAU resources including student clubs, social and cultural activities, lectures, discussions, and competitions.


Becoming a university model in student extracurricular activities.


Providing a stimulating variety of engaging student activities that build the cultural and social character of students and improve their language skills for success and excellence.


  1. Activating the social roles of students through a range of programs offered by ELI.
  2. Developing students' skills according to their particular wishes and interests.
  3. Developing students' language skills in the Islamic, cultural, sports, and social domains.
  4. Developing students' cognitive abilities through their participation in various intellectually challenging activities.
  5. Consolidating the relationship between students and the Institute’s faculty members by integration of the activities to mastery of set learning outcomes.

Student Activities Committees

Islamic Committee

The Islamic Committee aims to motivate students who are talented in the religious field to participate in ELI and KAU religious competitions, especially the two major Quran recitation and Sunnah competitions. The Islamic Committee helps students adhere to their Islamic principles and shun misconduct and bad habits. The Committee also offers many lectures, courses, and workshops on Islamic topics.

Social Committee

The Social Committee aims to activate the students’ social roles through several ELI on-campus programs. The Committee offers a series of year-round workshops and courses and provides a set of activities that allows students to develop their life skills, social relations, and sense of belonging.

Cultural Committee

The Cultural Committee offers several cultural programs and organizes various events and festivals. The Committee also aims to ensure that students have an authentic developmental cultural background outside of ELI. The Committee provides students with a variety of resources and helps improve the relationship between ELI students and faculty by acknowledging, understanding, and embracing different backgrounds and environments. This acceptance of cultural diversity helps students collaborate jointly and learn from others and from one another.

Sports Committee

The Sports Committee aims to inspire sportsmanship, instill a love of collective cooperation among students, and create a suitable atmosphere for competition among them. The Committee endeavors to encourage and raise students’ sports competence, competitiveness, and talents. The Committee is responsible for organizing all ELI sports activities through the formation of sports teams and arranging and hosting matches, competitions, and sports events.

Visit the pages below to see information about current student activities. These pages are also available in the student activity section on BlackBoard.

Men’s Main Campus

Current Men’s Main Campus Activities

Women’s Main Campus

We introduce different activities, competitions, lectures, workshops and prizes throughout the year. We conduct our events on Blackboard. So, all female ELI students can join us, participate and win our prizes.

Current Women’s Main Campus Activities

Rabigh Men’s Campus

Current Rabigh Men’s Campus Activities

Rabigh Women’s Campus

This section intends to create a safe environment and an opportunity for our ELI students to learn English with fun. As the main purpose is to help students linguistically and to improve mainly, but not only, their four language skills, listening, speaking, reading and writing. This objective should be achieved through providing them with a number of activities, competitions and games.

Our events will be held on Blackboard and the announcements and all related details will be sent through the same platform.

Current Rabigh Women’s Campus Activities

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