ELI Faculty Meeting Highlights Evaluation System and Future Plans 2024
ELI Faculty

ELI Faculty Meeting Highlights Evaluation System and Future Plans

The English Language Institute (ELI) faculty from the men’s campus held a meeting on Sunday, 28 January 2024, to discuss the faculty evaluation system and the upcoming developments in the institute.

The meeting was chaired by the Vice Dean of Academic Affairs, Dr. Hassan Qutub, who gave a brief overview of the ELI history and its achievements in providing quality English language education to the university's students.

Dr. Qutub also explained the rationale for the faculty evaluation system, which aims to enhance the professional development of the ELI teachers, to ensure the alignment of the ELI curriculum with the university and CEA standards and the student’s needs, and to foster a culture of excellence and innovation in the ELI.

The second part of the meeting was led by Mr. Sultan Dawood, the Lead Academic Manager, who presented the updated faculty evaluation system, which consists of five components: services to the ELI, professionalism, student evaluation, professional development, and in-class observation.

Mr. Dawood explained each component's objectives, procedures, and criteria, and emphasized the importance of the faculty evaluation system as a tool for continuous improvement and quality assurance as well as a requirement of the KAU Human Resources.

He also answered the questions and concerns of the ELI faculty members and encouraged them to participate actively in ELI tasks.

The meeting concluded with a vote of thanks from Dr. Qutub, who expressed his appreciation and gratitude to the ELI faculty for their dedication and hard work. He urged them to keep up the good performance and strive for excellence in their teaching and learning.

ELI Faculty

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