ELT Saudi 2020

English Language Teaching Conference 2020

King Abdulaziz University, represented by the English Language Institute, was proud to present the first Saudi International Conference on English Language Teaching known as ELT Saudi 2020.

Beginning on January 28th, 2020, the 3-day conference provided a unique and significant professional development opportunity for ELT professionals and administrators unlike anything else currently on offer globally.

From our world-class pre-conference professional workshop series to our first of its kind educational leadership summit along with an outstanding collection of conference events featuring the largest and most influential organizations and speakers on the planet, this truly was a groundbreaking event.

Our speakers include, David Crystal, Jeremy Harmer, Scott Thornbury, Nicky Hockly, Brian Tomlinson, Peter Watkins, Heidi Vellenga, and many more. Our exhibitors included Cambridge University Press, Cambridge Assessment, Microsoft, Oxford University Press, British Council, Amideast, McGraw Hill, Nile, and more. Saudi universities participated in the conference and expo, including Princess Nourah University, Tabuk University, Umm Al-Qura University, and University of Jeddah.

ELT Saudi 2020 demonstrated the strength and ambition of the English Language Institute at King Abdulaziz University to assert its role as the global leader in English language education and teacher development.

This event featured the world’s largest and most accomplished cohorts of ELT professionals ever assembled in one place.

The over 2,000 attendees had the unique opportunity to engage with the deep thinkers, major influencers and senior executive leaders from across the globe in a wide range of speeches, forums, presentations and workshops.

This was truly the global professional development event of the year.

Full details of the conference are available on the ELT Saudi 2020 event website.

Conference in numbers:

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